Friendly Flyers

Recently I’ve been hand-writing messages for strangers and hiding them around Aberdeen. I’ve really enjoyed doing it and I’ve had some lovely responses from people who have found the notes but I wanted to try something a bit bigger.

This weekend I’ll be handing out 100 of these flyers to strangers on the street.

I’ve put this web address on the back so hopefully some of the people I hand flyers to will get in touch and let me know what they thought of them. I am slightly worried that as the notes are typed and without explanation people might assume I’m either a Christian (which I’m not); or promoting a business (which I’m not), but I suppose that even if just one person takes the message as sincerely as it is meant then I’ll have done my job.


‘I was walking across Union Terrace Bridge and my eye was drawn to a wee yellow card.  Walked past it then turned round to pick it up as curiosity got the better of me…  a lovely random happening, I almost felt like I should put it back for someone else to find – I might do just that :-)’



‘Hi!!  I found one of your “stop worrying” messages while at work today!  

I am 2 months pregnant and about half an hour before I found this note I was RIDICULOUSLY hormonal and crying hysterically so you cheered me up massively!  THANK YOU!!’


Message set #3

I’ve hidden another twenty friendly notes around Aberdeen.

Ten of the notes say ‘Stop Worrying’ notes and the other ten say ‘Make the leap. It could be amazing.’

As always, I’ve written this web address on the back – if you find one then please get in touch.

Yes, they are very yellow.


‘I found an “everything is going to be okay” outside my work.  Thank you, made my day!’



‘Found “Everything is going to be okay” in Paperchase and picked it up :) 

Made my day.’



‘We found this lovely message outside our house:

“Everything is going to be okay”

It made us feel so happy :) thank you very much we feel very lucky.’

-Rini and Eoin


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